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Union Grove Residents Want Road Repaired

A community in Upshur County is pleading for county commissioners to do something to help them with a deteriorating road. Homeowners on Silk Tree Rd. say someone better do something soon before the road creates a tragedy.

Between Gilmer and Gladewater, two miles off Highway 271, is a broken up stretch of road on Silk Tree where 57 homes are located. The road is so full of potholes that residents say emergency vehicles have trouble getting in. "Four minutes makes a difference.  A few minutes could make the difference in someone's life," said longtime resident Travis Alford. "If there's a fire, my house is gone. They don't have enough time to get out here. The roads are too bad," said Becky Buell.

Residents say, for more than a decade, they have tried numerous times to get county help to fix the roads, which are riddled with potholes, some four feet across and nearly a foot deep. "It's rough on the cars. My car, well, it's just beat up," said area resident Mike Brown. "Just help us fix the roads. We've patched and called the road people, county commissioner, no results. They've offered ditch dirt that's about it," said Buell.

A six-month-old baby wasn't breathing, and while CPR was being performed, parents and neighbors continued to wait for an ambulance. "I'm sitting there running through my head that it's taking too long. The ambulance is not here. I could hear it, but seemed like it was far away in the distance," said resident Christy Wisdom who says she witnessed the emergency.

And now Union Grove School District has informed residents that it will no longer send buses to pick up school children until the roads are repaired. Residents hope they don't have any emergency in the future, and if they do that the road will not create a tragedy.

Residents say they have used their own money and labor to patch the roads over the years, but that they need county help to fix them on a lasting basis.

Bob Hallmark reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com

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