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1/15/06-Cherokee County

Burn Bans Create Trash Problem For Some

For two weeks now, Cherokee County residents have not been able to burn their trash, and now it's beginning to pile up. Some people might wonder why they don't just take it to the landfill or pay someone else to do it, but it's not that simple for some.

"We'll wait until we can burn. We take out cans, our aluminum cans, our glass, and we recycle that, but the rest of it's just burnable," Cheri Hanson says about how she gets rid of trash on her 20-acre property.

For several weeks now, she's been using her old burn barrels as make-shift trash cans. When the trash began piling up, critters started eating up.

"They've been in the burn barrels, and dug it out. I mean, we have raccoons and possums and everything, so they're always digging the trash out, cause they're looking for something to eat too," she says.

The Hansons have thought about hiring someone to haul their trash away, but perched high up on a hill, they say it's just not an option. "We're like 1200 feet from our house to the road, and we would have to carry the trash once or twice a week, whenever they come. I don't know how often they come, but it would be too inconvenient," she says.

But even if it wasn't so far away, the Hansons say they don't want their trash taken to the landfill for another reason. "We burn bills, and credit card information, and that information, I never worry about it. I never shred it, or anything, because we throw it in the burn pile. But I haven't been able to get rid of this burn pile, because I can't take this information to the dump."

Cheri says not being able to get rid of the trash is a big inconvenience, but she and her husband will hang on to it, until there's enough rain, and it's safe to finally burn again.

Lindsay Wilcox reporting. lwilcox@kltv.com

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