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Freedom Fighters: Odell Poovey

  Odell Poovey not only lived history in the South Pacific during World War Two, he recorded it in an amazing series of photographs. Poovey, a professional photographer, left Henderson for the Navy in 1943. He soon found himself embroiled in The Second Battle Of The Phillipine Sea, considered by many the greatest battle in the history of naval warfar.
  Poovey photographed the battle from airplanes above and from the carrier deck and bridge of his ship. He paused only briefly when a Kmakazi plane hit his carrier and almost sank it. Odell Poovey was discharged from the Navy in 1945. He returned to Henderson and his photography business and served as the city's mayor from 1963 until 1968. Poovey still has hundreds of photos of the fierce battles waged in the South Pacific, silent witnesses to the bravery and determination of "America's Greatest Generation".

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