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Cities Work On Fire Defense Plans

     Fire danger has one East Texas community working on their own plan to escape disaster. In the community of Brookhaven, north of Hawkins, folks are working out every detail to save their homes from wildfires. On Sunday, a massive grassfire in the nearby Fouke community gave them a close look at the dangers they could face.

     "The people in these fires said they literally only had time to run, and that made us think, we're constricted we a have only one way in and out, where are we going to run to" said Brookhaven resident "Ples Schnitz".

      That uncertainty led residents to come up with a plan of defense and escape.

     "Its a template that communities can use to prepare their own solutions to problems they have dealing with wildfires" says east Texas Forest Service Agent Lee McNeely.

      Working through the Texas forest service, they're planning evacuation routes, water availability to fight the fires, and how to get emergency vehicles into tight areas.

     "They'll have a lot of elements in place prior to a disaster arriving that will help them deal with what ever disaster may occur here" says McNeely.

      Brookhaven residents will meet with forest service officers Saturday to coordinate their preparedness plan. Forest service agents say the city of Big Sandy has also expressed interest in a similar plan.

Bob Hallmark reporting.


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