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College Gets A Jump Start Honoring Civil Rights Legend

An East Texas college is getting an early start to one of two celebrations honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Thursday morning a campus-wide service was held at Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins. The occasion included excerpts from Dr. King's speech, and words from one of the men who knew him best. Revered Peter Johnson was on Dr. King's original staff on the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He told KLTV 7 what he thinks Dr. King would be doing if he were alive today. "I believe he would still be very active in fighting for peace and love and non-violence in our society," says Reverend Johnson who now runs the Institute of Non-Violence in Dallas. Jarvis Christian College Senior Gerald Davis adds, "The way he presented Dr. King to us was a Dr. King just like [us students]. Someone that came through the ranks, had a divine calling on their life and answered that calling."

Jarvis will also celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday on Monday, the day of observance, with a candlelight vigil and march on campus.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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