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1/11/06-Holly Lake Ranch

Margaret Wood Makes Divisional Playoffs Picks

One week after Texas' victory in the Rose bowl, even Margaret Wood is hooked on the 'Horns. She weighed in on Vince Young going pro.

"I think he's smart," she said. "He can get his education later. Now is the time when so many teams need quarterbacks."

Margaret also had some thoughts on how Vince will shake up the draft. A number one Young pick by his hometown of Houston, over Heismann winner Reggie Bush if he goes pro.
"That would be a good build up for Houston," she said, "is to take him and trade him. They could get maybe even four or five or six good players."

We moved on from college ball to the professionals and Margaret's picks. Down to just four games, they were some hard calls.

"These games this week are hard games to pick, because you've got all your top teams in them."

The Washington Redskins meet the Seattle Seahawks. "I picked the Seahawks on that. Although I do know that the Washington Redskins are playing pretty good ball."

The Redskins have won six in a row. But as Margaret said, all good things come to an end. "Yeah I hope it's this week," she laughed.

Another tough call, the Steelers and Colts. "I picked the Colts and picked Manning mainly. I believe it's a home team game, those two factors might give them a little edge."

Margaret feels her Patriots have the experience and desire to claim another Super Bowl.

"Being a New Englander I have to stick with them. I pick New England for this week. All their regulars have recuperated and their second stringers are recuperating."

But perhaps the toughest pick of all, the Carolina Panthers against Coach of the Year Lovie Smith and the Chicago Bears.
"That is really something," she said. "I have picked the Bears. They have a great defense."

Four games to two games and the championship. Margaret said this weekend anything is possible.

Maya Golden reporting,

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