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Fire Danger Threatens Wildlife

      The recent grass and wildfires are not just taking a toll on humans.Our local wildlife is also having to adapt to the threat. The sight of blackened, burned-out East Texas woodlands is becoming all too familiar to game wardens and they say it's having a significant impact on wildlife.

     "Basically it pushes the wildlife into another area due to the fire, they have no cover no food and drought conditions now we don't have much water" said East Texas game warden Jarrod Bryant.

       Bryant says deer, coyotes and other Texas natives depend on the woodlands and grasslands to survive. With those woods burning up and water holes drying up, they have few alternatives.

      "God help us if all of East Texas burned up , one thing we have as a resource here is a lot of cover a lot of woods" he said.

       The danger is wildlife now coming into populated areas, looking for food and water. In many cases, having to cross roads or risk stealing a meal or a drink from farms and homes. Fires during these dry conditions take everything, every tree every bush every leaf, but there is some good news nature will recover. The ash acts like a super organic fertilizer.

    "You come back in the spring all these nutrients are back in the soil you add water to it in the spring its going to flourish into native vegetation" he said.

    Game wardens say wildlife should continue to find other habitats, provided that fire does not destroy a substantial amount of woodlands.

Bob Hallmark reporting.


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