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8/15/06- "Does It Work?"

Clever Hook: "Does It Work?"

It's a hook that makes the most of the power of gravity. We put the Clever Hook to the "Does It Work?" test.

Our Clever Hook came packaged as the "Twixit" Clever Hook. Other materials we've seen drop the "Twixit" name and refer to it as the Clever Hook, so we will too.

 The Clever Hook is supposed to hold up to 40 pounds. Of course that will have a lot to do with the strength of the wall you attach it to. We attached our Clever Hook into a wall stud using the two supplied screws.

The Clever Hook is difficult to describe. You're best served by just looking at a picture. It's dual hook design works on gravity. Simply place an item on the lower arm of the hook, and gravity pulls the hook arm down, activating the top arm to close on the item. To remove it, simply lift and the Clever Hook releases it. When an item is on the hook, it's secure. In fact, the harder you tug, the harder the Clever Hook clamps down on the item.

We succeeded at hanging up all kinds of objects, bath robes, coats, towels, tools and keys.

 "Does It Work?" We give the Clever Hook a "yes." The Clever Hook comes in 5 designer plastic colors for $10-$12.

You can get it in beech wood for around $17. A list of online retailers can be found at

Joe Terrell reporting.


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