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Governor Perry Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign

A compliment from the Governor today, in his re-election campaign stop through Tyler. Governor Rick Perry said the rest of the state could take a lesson from Tyler's restraint in government spending. He says those types of conservative values are something he plans to reflect during his second term.

"My friends, there will only be one conservative on the ballot this November. There will be only one candidate that stands firm for what is right, regardless of popularity's shifting winds," Governor Perry said.

About 100 people showed up today. Governor Perry said under his leadership, education has improved, jobs have increased,  and our borders have become more secure. At the end of the rally, the governor took time to talk with a group of local firefighters who say they have their own reason to support him.

Glenn Ray is the president of Tyler Local Firefighters 883. 

He said, "We're here to support Governor Perry because all of the legislation that we had on the statewide level, he signed all those bills to take care of us. The presumptive disease bill, he signed, which is very important to us."

Governor Perry says he will run harder in this election than he's ever run before. That could be because of the number of folks running against him. In his own party, he's facing 3 relative unknowns: Larry Kilgore,  Rhett Smith and Star Locke.

In a twist this time around, he's also facing comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn who recently decided to run on the independent ballot.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.

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