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Lindale ISD Board Of Trustees Hear Suggestions To Relieve Deficit

  Some parents addressed the Lindale Board of Trustees, saying the district should not change classes to a modular schedule-- that it would only compromise schools' academic performance. One Lindale ISD student also told the board cutting teacher pay or letting teachers go should not be the answer to making up for the deficit, a suggestion followed by an applause from the crowd. "Our debate team has just achieved the top four public school debate teams in the nation. A large contribution to that is Janice Caldwell who's won national awards for teaching and letting a teacher go like that is unbelievable," says Lindale ISD student David Baloche.
  "We just got a WalMart and a Lowe's and 250 more homes built that will give us an additional $750,000 worth of revenue by January of 2007 that [the Board] didn't count on," says Lindale ISD parent Frank Dejong.
  Taxpayer Bill Hudgens adds, "I think the entire board should resign. And I've said that from day one when all this came about."
  One public suggestion--- which was not the most popular-- was to get rid of the athletic programs, until the district catches up financially. A Cost Efficiency Committee recommended the board establish a budget that will get them back on track and address the staffing levels. The Board plans to meet again on January19th to create another committee and begin implementing some of tonight's suggestions.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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