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Freedom Fighter: Billy Sitton

  Arriving in Korea at the height of the Korean War, Billy Sitton's first battle was almost his last. Out of 130 men in his company, only 19 were left. Not only were Sitton and his company fighting overwhelming numbers of North Korean and Chinese soldiers, but also vicious and unrelenting weather with forty below zero temperatures.
  And if that wasn't enough, the enemy waged psychological warefare. At Christmas, the enemy hung Christmas stockings on trees with taunting notes. Their more deadly method was killing American soldiers in their foxholes and reading their letters from home over loudspeakers.
  Billy Sitton received the Purple Heart and Combat Infantryman's Badge for his service in Korea. Fifty years after the war, the Korean Government also awarded him special service medals. Billy Sitton is proud of his role in history and especially proud to have been a soldier in the front line of those events. He says, "We're the ones that leave the footprints."

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.   


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