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1/6/06-Smith County

An Abandoned House Leaves Neighbors Frustrated

Smith County residents are frustrated with a dilapidated house and the neighbors want the county to do something about it.  The house is located just outside the Tyler City limits. It's at Indian Creek Road and Indian Drive. Neighbors say it's an eyesore...that's been there for years. They're not sure who to talk to

Sharon Dinkins, neighbor says, "There are people that have lived here a long time and take care of their property and then we have this one horrible eye sore. It's an embarrassment to us." Sharon and her husband have lived in this Smith County neighborhood for 36 years.

Neighbors say the house has been empty for more than 10 years and the owner has left cars and trash pilling up. The neighbors have contacted city and county officials want property clean up. But the city limit lines are making it hard. Officials say if this house was inside the city limits it would have been condemned 10 years ago. However, since it's in the county. Officials are unsure on what can be done.

Frank Creath, Constable Pct. 2 in Smith County says, "Because I don't actually know where the person is that owns the property. Without knowing where they are or how to contact them there is nothing I can do at this time. There is a state law. A nuisance law, but the public nuisance law is hard to implement on a property that is not lived in. So I really don't know what you would do with it at this point."

Sharon says, "I think that the house is beyond any repair at this point. It may just need to be demolished."

We spoke with Smith County Commissioner Joann Fleming and she says she was unaware of the problem in her precinct. Fleming says she will be contacting the residents to looking into the situation.

Karolyn Davis, reporting

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