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East Texans To Race On Speed Channels "Pinks"

Two dragsters, the drop of a hand and nothing but a stretch of pavement ahead. Taking a page from the 1950's, a popular show on the Speed Channel mixes drag racing and high stakes.
Two East Texans were selected from thousands to be a part of this winner takes all competition.

For Tommy Whatley and Adam Richardson, a love for fast cars has gone from hobby to habit.

"There's nothing else like drag racing to me," Adam said. "It's not a sport that allows anytime for error."

Now this duo of owner and driver will showcase their talents and their ultra cool '72 Nova on the Speed Channel.
The show is called "Pinks." A reference to the car's pink slip or title.
The winner takes the best three out of five and not just bragging rights, but rights to the losers car.

"We literally sign the title over before we ever start racing," Adam said.

Looking through the car, you realize what is at stake is more than just a dream ride. It is months and hundreds of hours of hard work and almost $60,000.

"You race one race at a time and you win one race at a time," Tommy said, "and that is the method and the outlook I'm going to race with."

This will be the first side by side race for their Nova. Tommy and Adam will not see their opponents car until the start of the race. However, they are not worried. They say when they return to East Texas, they will have not one but two red hot rides.

"We're coming home with this car," Adam said, "and I feel that confident, and knock on wood, it's going to happen for us."

Tommy Whatley has drag raced for about two years but has a long history on the racing circuit. He and Adam leave for their race next week. No word yet on when their episode of "Pinks" will air on the Speed Channel, but they were told it could be the season finale.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com

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