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1/4/06-Holly Lake Ranch

Margaret Wood Makes Her Playoff Picks

The Houston Texans are on the clock with the NFL's number one draft pick and Heisman Trophy winning running back Reggie Bush there for the taking. Do you pick him or trade him?

"They'll trade him up for about five good players," speculates Margaret. "He's got to have good men behind him. He doesn't play the game by himself. But, if they trade him, they can get some good ones, you know to compliment the good ones that they keep."

If Margaret was a general manager, she also wouldn't have fired Jim Haslett, the coach of the hurricane-ravaged New Orleans Saints, the only coaching change she doesn't agree with.

"Look at the year he has had," she said. "both personally and with the team and with that city and state. He really, I think he was let down by letting him go like that."

As for wild card weekend, Tampa Bay opens with a home game against the Washington Redskins Saturday, and Margaret feels the Buccaneers will emerge victorious.

"The main reason was because it being at home," Margaret said. "The Buccaneers have really been playing good ball. They're aggressive."

She picks her beloved New England Patriots, winners of six of their last eight, to beat Jacksonville Saturday night.

"They seem to be at full strength," she said. "I think experience and the way they've been playing, I think they have a chance."

Her mid season pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl was the New York Giants. She says there's no reason to change now, picking them to beat Carolina on Sunday.

And, her most difficult decision came with Cincinnati hosting Pittsburgh.

"I have pondered this and pondered this," said Margaret. "I have picked the Steelers. I feel they're stronger. I think they have more experience."

Kevin Berns reporting.

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