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1/5/06-Smith County

Officials Warn Of Dangers Of Welding Outdoors

Smith County officials are keeping a close eye on welding outdoors. That's what sparked a fire in Lindale on Tuesday. About 100 acres were burned from people welding outside. The Texas Forest Service issued these precautions if you're doing any welding:

*Remove dry vegetation from your work area.

*If the work area is dry, wet it down.

*Keep water and a fire extinguisher handy.

*Post a fire watch. Assign someone to watch sparks that may ignite dry vegetation.

*Avoid parking in tall, dry grass.

If a fire starts, no one is exempt from getting cited. Smith County Assistant Fire Marshall Oren Hale says, "We don't want to shut someone's business down that's not what this is about. This is about your home being safe and my home being safe."

Officials warn that your vehicle could also ignite a fire. A grass fire on Monday started when the driver unknowingly had a blow out on his travel trailer. 50 acres of land were destroyed.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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