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State Comptroller Visits Longview

         After changing party affiliation, a candidate for Texas governor made her first campaign stop in East Texas. State comptroller "Carol Keeton Strayhorn" arrived at the East Texas Regional Airport today, kicking off her campaign for governor as an "independent".  Strayhorn met with supporters and talked on a wide variety of issues such as tax reform and school funding. She says her decision to run "independent" was to give Texans a break from what she calls a politically divisive atmosphere in Texas

     "I think we all know that unless we set aside politics we're never gonna solve our problems and we all know we set politics aside or we'll never fix whats broke" says Strayhorn.

      Strayhorn ended her visit in Gregg county by issuing a challenge to governor Rick Perry for an open debate.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.


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