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Fire Prevention Agencies Help East Texas

Fire prevention agencies are stepping in to help the Texas Forest Service fight the fires here in East Texas. Help has come from states as far as Georgia and North Carolina.

Members of the Tennessee Forest Service hung up flyers today asking people to be on the lookout for arsonists or any suspicious activity.

They also talked to East Texas businesses asking them to be careful with any kind of ignition source, like welding torches or other equipment.

"I've been to Texas on this kind of detail before," said Robert Rhinehart, Assistant District Forester, Southeast Tennessee. "This is the third time and it is, it's really dry. It's the driest I've seen here in Texas, but you know other states have the same problem.

Tennessee gets dry and Texas folks come up and helps us, so it's definitely dry." Rhinehart says they will continue to hand out fliers until Monday.

Molly Reuter, reporting.

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