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Ballroom Dancing In East Texas

  For twelve years, Sal Landeros has been teaching ballroom dancing here at the Tyler Dance Studio. For ten of those years, Carey and Rita Prosperie have taken private classes from him.

  "Well, ballroom is beautiful, and we just love it. Sal's a wonderful teacher," Prosperie said.

  Lou Anne DeHaven is another long time student.

  "My husband and I went on a cruise, and we were watching all of these people having sucha good time, and we were sitting on the sidelines watching. So he said,'We're going to take lessons when we get home," DeHaven said.

  Sal says since "Dancing With The Stars" premiered, his studio's business has gone through the roof. 

  "Now, I'm also teaching at TJC on Tuesday nights. I do three classes. I do swing at 6:00. I do foxtrot at 7:00, and rhumba at 8:00. I'm glad it's back for a second season, because it's really increased my business, which I'm enjoying. Ballroom is coming back," Landeros said.

  After just a few minutes of watching, I am dying to try it myself.

  Sal tells me, "This is what you call an East Coast Swing or a triple swing."

  He gives me a little bit of instruction, and then I'm ready to try it with music.

  We start out nice and easy but in no time at all he's twisting and twirling me all over the place.

  In pretty short order, I learned why the entire country's going crazy for ballroom dancing...Because it's so easy to get swept off your feet. 

The Tyler Dance Studio: 903-581-6220

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.

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