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01/5/06-Smith County

One Restaurant Put Out Of Business, Others Receive Poor Scores On Inspections

Hupei Chinese Restaurant at 1125 East Fifth in Tyler was inspected December 2 following a complaint.

The health inspector found multiple temperature violations, plus other problems like cooked chicken stored in cardboard boxes which had been storing raw meats. Also, raw meat was seen stored above some vegetables in a cooler. The inspector noted and took pictures of a roach infestation Several small and a few larger roaches are seen crawling on surfaces in the restaurant Another photograph shows food surfaces and racks that needed cleaning.   Also in the inspector's report, he noted the dish machine was not sanitizing plates or utensils. Walls were peeling paint and there was damaged flooring that must be replaced.

Total demerits: 44  The permit to serve food was suspended, but the restaurant reopened anyway. The owner was put on a ten day notice.

Brenda Elrod of the Northeast Texas Public Health District says: "He indicated he wanted to try and correct all items in ten days, but the ten days came and went and his permit was revoked." 

Not only were all permits revoked and Hupei is closed, but the owner was cited for operating while permit suspended.

"That is in essence operating without a license in a food service establishment. It's like driving your car without a license. It's operating a food establishment without a permit, so we'll see them in court for that issue," Elrod says.

La Hacienda at 601 Highway 110 North in Whitehouse  was inspected December 5.

Enchiladas and vegetables tested at 85-89º, should be 140º or hotter. The cook did not wash hands before handling foods and there were no soap or towels at a handsink. Raw meats were stored above onions and peppers in a cooler.

Total demerits: 26. On a recheck December 19, enchiladas tested at 83º. Again, they should be 140º or hotter.

Total demerits: 5. No further recheck was ordered.

Petty's at 309 N. Main in Lindale was inspected December 6. Sausage tested at 88º. It should be 140º or hotter. There was improper handwashing noted, and raw eggs and steak were stored above vegetables. Insect cleaner was improperly stored, and a meat slicer needed cleaning.

Total demerits: 19. No recheck was ordered.

Dwayne's Country Cafe at 1603 WSW Loop 323 in Tyler was inspected December 20.

Eggs tested at 74º and raw fish at 63º. They should be 41º or below. Employees were seen with uncovered drinks in the food prep area. A bottle of cleaner was stored above bread. and improper sanitization was noted.

Total demerits: 18 No recheck was ordered.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.


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