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East Texas Family Assesses Damage From House Fire

This was once home for Sherri Sinclair and her two daughters. But on New Year's Day it nearly became a death trap. "Huge flames!," says Sherri describing the flames. "And I could already hear the ceiling starting to crack." A quick escape for their lives meant everything else was left inside. Christmas gifts and other valuables melted away. The now charred walls was once a palate of images of the people that mattered to them most. "My friend that died recently over the summer, I had a bunch of stuff that he gave me and I hung them on the wall and they're all gone," says Sherri's daughter Karly. "We recently found out my mom possibly doesn't have very much time to live. We had a picture of her on our mantle and it's gone," says Sherri. Picking through and finding what they can has become an emotional yet welcomed process. Sherri recovered the antique sewing machine she kept in her home, now covered in soot. "I want to see if I can clean it up. It means a lot," says Sherri. The family says losing all they own in a matter of seconds has taught them a lesson that a devastating fire cannot destroy. "I'm sure our focus and priorities will be much much different. As far as just appreciating each other, even more than we do," says Sherri hugging her daughter Karly.

The family in the attached duplex also has to move. Their place received water and smoke damage. Sherri says her other daughter received a burn to her forearm, otherwise no one else was seriously injured. If you would like to help the Sinclair's get back on their feet just stop by any Southside Bank location. An account has been set up under the Sinclair Family Tragedy Fund.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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