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1/2/06-Henderson County

Tire Blow Out Ignites Fire

Sparks from a tire blow out ignited a fire in Henderson County. The fire started off FM 3600 just south of of Brownsboro.  Brownsboro's police chief says a travel trailer tire blew out. The driver didn't know he had a blow out. Police believe the resulting sparks started a huge fire.

Volunteer fire fighters from four towns assisted in the fighting the fire. They estimate that at least 50 acres were destroyed.  The fire did come uncomfortably close to some houses.

"I had fire coming up either side of the house.  The house was right in the center and the wind was blowing right at the house.  I was afraid it would get caught too.  The trees will grow back and I haven't lost any vehicles or my house and that's the main thing," says homeowner Teri Seda.

Chief Kyle Bridges of Brownsboro Police Department says, "Right now, trying to knock off hot spots.  We've got the forestry service out here with the plow.  We've got plenty of man power so we are doing pretty good."

The person driving the trailer was questioned by officials. Chief Bridges says no criminal charges will be filed.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. kdavis@kltv.com


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