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Settlement Made In Kilgore Fireworks Explosion

An East Texas pyro-technics company has settled out of court in connection with a massive explosion that happened at Lamb Entertainment in Kilgore two years ago. The blast killed 3 people.

"Coming out of your front door when you look over here its kind of a reminder for you," said area resident Anitha Kenney.

Trying forget the painful reminder of the fireworks explosion, residents along Pentecost road are somewhat irritated with the news that Lamb Entertainment's recent settlement. The company plans to give eleven of the neighbors about $2,000 each to help with damages. But neighbors want the company to clean the devastation up, since it's made a scar on this small community.

"It brings it back when you come through you see the car over there it reminds you its still in the back of your mind" she said.

It was July 3rd 2003, a monstrous explosion leveled the Lamb fireworks building, killing three people and damaged nearby homes. It all started when Lamb Entertainment was preparing for a fireworks show. FBI officials told us that it's likely an employee fell, causing a spark. More than two years later the remnants of what was Lamb Entertainment remains untouched.

Many struggled with money and materials for repairs, and had to move to apartments or in with relatives while they rebuilt over a two year period, and spending their life savings to recover.

"We picked up had to pick up from here which wasn't much, because everything was pretty much messed up, frustrating, we were law abiding taxpayers i would have thought we would have got more help than we did," Kenney said.

Some residents spent as long as 18 months away from their home while rebuilding. Meanwhile Lamb Entertainment has relocated operations to Upshur county no word on when the old site might be cleaned up.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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