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Gregg County Organizing For Fire Fighting

Gregg County Firefighters have already fought more than a dozen grass fires just this week. As a result, the county, like many others in East Texas, is straining to keep enough firefighters ready to help. Longview fire officials are pooling resources with numerous area volunteer fire departments and surrounding county departments to form a small army of fire crews. The forestry service will assist with heavy equipment and helicopters if needed. However, East Texas fire officials say they still need more man power to stop the fires.

"It doesn't take much of a scenario to exhaust what our resources are, so we are dependant on our mutual aid response from other responding entities, West Harrison county , East Mountain Volunteer Fire Department and some of the outlying areas" said Longview Fire Marshal Davis Whitehurst.

Fire officials say if the dry weather continues, they may have to start rationing water to make sure each department has enough.

Bob Hallmark reporting.


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