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12/28/05-Holly Lake Ranch

Margaret Makes Her Week 16 Picks

It is the last week of the NFL regular season and 92-year-old NFL analyst Margaret Wood made her picks and weighs in on a rollercoaster NFL season.

"I think it's been a very inconsistent season," Margaret said.
Looking back at the 2005 season, Margaret thinks there's one word to describe it all: unpredictable.
"The ones that you think are doing good, they lose, and the ones you don't think have a chance are winning."

The holiday weekend saw some teams knocked out of playoff contention, some major upsets and some teams resurface with new life, like the Cowboys.
"I feel  (the Cowboys) must be desperate this week, because they've got to get in," she said.
Margaret is picking the boys from dallas to beat the Rams but is a little worried she might just be a jinx.
"Everytime I pick the Cowboys they lose. When I don't pick them they win. So, I wanted to pick them this week, but I don't know."

As far as the matchup between the 2-13 Texans and the 3-12 49er's Margaret said she had to pick the lesser of two evils. She has even given the game a nickname because of its draft implications. "That's what I call the Reggie Bush Bowl," she laughed.

Her upset pick? Margaret thinks the Falcons just might give the Cowboys what they need, a Carolina loss.

Margaret feels there's no doubt the Colts will defeat the cardinals. It's her lock pick.

However, the game she's eyeing the most, her beloved Dolphins and Patriots. You might think she would be torn but not quite.
"I have to pick between love and duty," Margaret said. "I'm picking the Patriots because Miami isn't going anywhere."

Margaret said if you thought last weekend was something just wait. With teams vying for the post season, this week will be a wild one.
"It's going to be quite a weekend of football. Upsets and surprises."

Maya Golden reporting,

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