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12/28/05-Smith County

Fires Exhausts Local Volunteers

There were more fires in Smith County today. Another one happened around 2 o'clock this afternoon just north of Loop 323 on Highway 69 North.

It started when the landowner was burning brush in his back yard, and it turned into a 5 acre fire. Lindale volunteer firefighters were on the scene. While they were there, another call came in.

Lindale Volunteer Fireman Wes Gilbert said, "It really gets to wear you down. A lot of these guys have to leave other jobs to come out here.  Not to mention the wear and tear on our equipment.  It just really gets to be a problem."

Smith County Volunteer Firefighters responded to 20 fire calls just yesterday. Since Christmas, they've been out on at least 69 grass fires.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.


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