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Animal Shelter Improved

Some dogs and cats looking for a good home, now have a more comfortable place to stay while they wait. The Henderson Animal Shelter on Highway 259 has improved its look over the last few months.

Some of the improvements include a new roof, privacy fence, septic system and new stainless steel cages. The Henderson Police Department Deputy Chief, Mark Dickerson, oversees the shelter. He said, "All of those things are done with the safety and welfare of the animal at heart, so that we can help control diseases and infections and so forth, to make this a better place for the animals and a more aescetic place for people to come and see the animals and adopt them."

The Henderson Shelter handles about 200 animals a month. It would like to make some additional improvements for the animals, but says that can only happen with your help. They say they could use some wading pools, dog houses, kennels, pet taxis and collars. The shelter hopes to have an open house in the next two to three months.


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