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Proud Of East Texas: Seahorn Christmas Trees

In Mary Martha Seahorn's home in Harmony there are 31 Christmas trees. Sixteen are decorated according to the interests of the Seahorn grandchildren. Others include a memorial tree and even a beautiful tree hanging from the ceiling of the den.

The Seahorn "forest" of Christmas trees began seven years ago when the youngest Seahorn daughter found out she had cancer and was pregnant the same day. She chose to delay treatment, although she was advised that might mean her life.

It was a recipe for a dismal Christmas, but Mary Martha was determined to have faith in the future. The first tree was dedicated to the expected baby, while others were decorated for other grandchildren.

Mikaelyn, whom Mary Martha calls the "miracle baby" is now six. Her mother Allicia is an intensive care nurse and has had two additional children. Christmas is a special place in the Seahorn home, all because of a Christmas miracle long, long ago and a Christmas miracle seven years ago.

Joan Hallmark reporting,

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