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Last Minute Shoppers in Longview

Retailers in Longview were jammed with customers as the rush to make those last-minute purchases got under way today. They were looking for any little thing that might bring a smile on Christmas morning.

"It's just today, I had to get a few more presents and I said let me come out here and grab them and get out before the crowd gets here," said shopper Ronaldo Reese.  "Actually the days went by too fast, you know. You have a lot of things to do," said late shopper Ana Ramone.

The "dash" to take care of everyone on the shopping list had thousands of shoppers out filling the isles at Longview retailers. Some had just begun their Christmas shopping. "I haven't done my Christmas shopping and it's Christmas eve" said shopper Brittney Davis.

Some were enthusiastic, even in their last minute rush.. "It's going to be great all of the family's in. It's going to be great," said Diana shopper Julie Phillips.

Retailers we spoke with today said most of their customers had finished their shopping, but just wanted to see if there was anything at the last minute they wanted to get for their friends and family.

Bob Hallmark reporting,

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