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Fire Victims Help Salvation Army

        They lost everything they owned when their Lake O The Pines home went up in flames on Thursday morning, but today an East Texas couple were giving their time to help others. Boyd Ayers and his wife Paula rang bells to raise money for the salvation army today, both are completely deaf, but thankful for what they have, each other.

    "We have no place to live, we stay at my wife's sisters house, but i can't feel sorry for myself, right now i want to stay in the Christmas spirit, do it for my kids" Boyd said in sign language.

       Today, they showed up at the salvation army to do their part.

      "They're just folks who always look for the good they've got plenty of bad they could see in their everyday life but everyday that I've talked to them they've found the good" said major Robert Winters of the Longview Salvation Army.

     In a soundless world, they communicate through smiles and kindness, and they believe that is in all of us.

      "If you can do something for someone else it makes you feel better, because you really get a good feeling in return, it gives you something back" said Paula.

     "They're people of good resilient spirit who really care about people they found the spirit of Christmas" said Winters.

      A fund has been set up to help the "Ayers" family. You can take money, food, and clothing donations to the Longview Salvation Army on Cotton Street. And you can make donations at the "Northeast Texas Credit Union" in Jefferson. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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