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12/23/05 Tyler

Prepare Your Home For Your Holiday House Guests

Your family members are coming in for the holidays, and that means your home is about to be filled with children, pets and seniors. If you do not have children, you may not realize those Christmas decorations could be harmful, and if you're not used to having seniors at home, there are some other things you need to be aware of to ensure a Merry Christmas for all your guests.

As for seniors, make sure there are no cords lying around that they may trip over. It's also important to know your guests' medical condition, like what types of food they can and cannot eat. Along with that, know what medications need to be taken and when.

"Another thing they might want to be aware of is watching how much someone drinks," said Harold Vincent, Director of Atria Braircliff Village. "Are they eating, and make sure they don't get too far off their normal, everyday patterns or schedules." Christmas is also a time to invite the grandchildren over, and children, can get in to almost anything.

"Kids are very creative in what they get into, whether it's medicines or plants and they will ingest those at different times, so you have to assume that they would," said Doctor Thomas Beets, Trinity Mother Frances. To prevent that from happening, keep all medications and chemicals out of reach. That includes locking your cabinets if necessary. Also, don't store medicines or chemicals in food storage containers, and keep small objects out of reach, items kids can easily swallow.

"There are plants that are poisonous, a lot of normal plants like we all have like poinsettias that are poisonous and it would be good to have them out of the reach of children or not have them," said Dr. Beets. Like children, pets are good at eating things they are not supposed to. Like, the Christmas tree and decorations. Pets will eat poisonous household plants as well, but most importantly remember to put away all food and candy.

"When we get distracted because we're opening presents or what not and there's food left on the table the dog is up on the table eating away and it could be very dangerous some of the things he eats," said Robin Visniski, Owner of Petland. So, as you welcome your guests this holiday, don't forget to take a look around your home, to ensure a Merry Christmas.

Molly Reuter, reporting.

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