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Casa Rejects Clark's Mandates

The CASA Board has until January 5th, to meet the 12 demands before them by Judge Carole Clark.

"She indicated that the board needs to accept it as written, without any exceptions. Either vote for it or against it," interim CASA director, Billy Hall, said.

He was recommended by Judge Clark, and has only been on the job for 24 hours. He and the board president, say Clark's demands will not happen. They say East Texas Casa takes major issue with three points.

First, Judge Clark said "The president and current members of the executive committee will immediately submit their resignations."

"The board is very supportive of the executive committee, and if it was put to a vote, although it was not put to a vote, I don't think the board would accept their resignations," Hall said.

The judge also said "All CASA employees shall be notified they are on probation until the interim director has performed evaluations and reviews."

"We're going to evaluate employees.  If there are problems, we're going to make sure that the employee understands what the problem is. We've got a lot of employees that have worked a long time for CASA, and they've done an outstanding job, and we just don't think that it's fair to tell them that they are going to be put on probation at this juncture in their life, in their tenure with CASA," Hall said.

And the requests do not end there. At the end of the letter, the judge said "Additional terms are being considered, but in the interest of time, will not be delivered until January 12th."

That's one week after CASA is supposed to come into compliance with her first requests.

Board President John Carr said, "Texas CASA was concerned because it was open-ended. If there were issues, they needed to be brought up now. If there's something, then let's get it on the table, because we want to address anything that is a concern to the judge right now."

They say if some flexibility is not shown on the part of Judge Carole Clark, they have little reason to believe they can reach an agreement by the January 5th deadline.

They worry that will affect East Texas CASA children...those who depend on the volunteers to be there for them in a time of crisis.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.

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