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Upshur County Man Found Murdered

       A murderer remains on the loose in Upshur County, after a man was stabbed more than 40 times at his home. The victim lived on Appletree Road, that's just west of Highway 271 and just south of the Gilmer city limits. Investigators say 47-year-old John Anthony Buchanan was brutally stabbed over 40 times.

     He had a heart condition, and when he was attacked Saturday morning, he managed to press his medical-alert bracelet that summoned emergency crews to his home, but too late. His death makes no sense to his family and friends.

     "If you come to rob him if, there was no reason to kill him you could have tied him up and taken what you wanted, but there was no reason to do what they did to him, there was no reason," said his niece Tinete Bailey.

     "I know he's up there looking down on me , I miss him; he's my father. I love him," said his youngest son Timothy Buchanan.

     Neighbors say the semi-retired Buchanan was a quiet, good-natured man who was well known and well liked in the community.

    "When I was sick, that man carried me to Shreveport three to four times a week and didn't charge me a dime. To do this to him like this was a hideous crime and it just tears me up," said his neighbor Bernard Hart.

     Family and investigators believe he was attacked by at least two people around 4 a.m. Saturday. When authorities arrived, his killer fled in the darkness, and nothing appears to have been stolen. No arrests have been made leaving his family angry for justice.

     "Nobody can give me a reason in this world why they did that to my uncle because he didn't deserve that," said Bailey.

    An autopsy has been ordered in the case.

Bob Hallmark reporting.


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