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East Texas Girl Gets Prosthetic Legs

Ryann Carr has a disease called Amniotic Band Syndrome, where Ryann was born without some of her limbs.

   At two and a half years old, she’s taking some of her very first steps with her new prosthetic legs.

Her mother, Katrina, said, “The very first time when we came, and tried them on, she was a little apprehensive. You know, she had a few tears that day.”

            But now, Ryann is excited about the opportunity before her.       

        A Katrina said, “I think she notices, ‘I'm a little bit different. I'm put together a little bit differently.”

            But her mom says that doesn’t hold her back at all.

“She problem solves, and figures out exactly, you know, if she wants to do something, she's going to figure out how to do it.”

            If she had stayed in her native country of Kazakhstan, her mother says this moment would never have happened.

“We saw people with disabilities on the street corners. We saw people with disabilities not be able to get into buildings. They were very limited on what they could do,” Katrina said.

            Ryann came home with her new family, and lots of friends, this summer.          

            Since then, she’s decided she wants to do everything her siblings do.

“When we told her we were going to get legs, immediately, she said, ‘Legs!  Feet!’ And immediately, she pointed to the window and she said,’Outside!’ She knew she would be able to be more mobile outside,” Katrina continued.

“I think she thought she was going to be running and doing those sorts of things.  I think it took her a little while to realize, 'I've got to work on this.”

            And working, she is!

            Learning to use her new legs will be a slow process, but her mom thinks she’ll pick up the pace in no time.

“Her walker's getting in her way a little bit, and she just wants to throw it away and walk. And she'll do that soon enough. I see her being able to do whatever she sets her mind to doing. If Ryann wants to dance, she'll dance. If she wants to go and learn how to ski, she's going to learn how to ski.  I don't know. If she wants to take a karate class, we're going to sign her up,” Katrina said.

            And if she wants to do the hokey pokey like the Little Elmo she had in physical therapy, she’ll probably do that, too.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting. lwilcox@kltv.com



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