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Santa's Secret Helper

By day, Jane Dollar works for the U.S. Postal Service, but, secretly, she's one of Santa Claus' most trusted helpers. For the last six years, she's helped the big guy sort through thousands of Christmas letters.

"I've actually seen letters from Washington D.C., Colorado. This letter's from New Mexico."

A group of school children wrote to Santa with some special requests.

"It says, 'Dear Santa: We love you. We have been very good this year. Jessica would like Samantha the doll, and a doll with wings called Skydancer. Kalob would like two thousand dollars, a dog and a boy dragon that is blue," Dollar said.

To help Santa out, they send pictures, too. 

"So, this must be the samantha doll, and  there's the two thousand dollars," Dollar said.

She says sometimes, the letters are surprising.

"I got a letter from a daddy the other day asking if Santa would help him be nicer to his family."

With all the letters coming in, you can see people of all ages ache for a little bit of Christmas magic, and Jane says, she'll keep helping Santa spread it for as long as he'll let her.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting:

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