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Know Your Rights When Flying This Holiday Season

Traveling by air during the holidays can be stressful, especially if there are cancellations or delays. Before you get in that plane this season, we wanted to let you know your rights as a traveler. If a flight is canceled or delayed due to poor weather conditions, you're basically out of luck, but thanks to a rule developed by the U.S. Government, you have rights in many other situations.

Those are, if the airline has mechanical problems, if an aircraft arrives late, if the pilots or crew members arrive late, or if there are other factors within the airline's control.

If one of those happens, you should be compensated by the airline. Airlines usually guarantee confirmation of their next flight or that of other airline. Also, they should give you the option not to travel or obtain a refund. You should also be provided hotel accommodations, meal vouchers and ground transportation. It's important to note, this rule only applies to U.S. carriers.

Molly Reuter, reporting.

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