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12/19/05-Van Zandt County

Robertson Pre-Trial Hearing

As Jeffrey Doyle Robertson shuffled in court today, it was expected his defense team would argue for a change of venue. 

In a surprise move, however, it was actually the state requesting a new trial location. The prosecution wants it moved from Canton to Greenville. They say the media attention has overwhelmed the Kinne family,  the school, and the town as a whole.

Surprisingly, the defense did not want any part of the venue change.

"We oppose it because all of the witnesses are here. The defendant's here. We're here, and moving it further away is going to just cost time and money, and probably knock us off our schedule to have the trial in Febraury. I don't think there's anything unusual enough in this case for us to say, 'Hey, look. We're worried that he couldn't get a fair trial.' If we were worried about that, we would have filed for change of venue," defense attorney Robert Perkins.

Today, the defense did argue a motion, though. A motion to quash.

If approved, the motion would drop the current charges from a first degree felony of aggravated assault against a public servant, to a third degree felony for carrying a weapon in a prohibited place.

 Robertson will remain in jail on over one million dollars bond until his trial. As to where that will be, the judge is expected to make a decision by the first of the year.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.


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