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12/18/05-Big Sandy

Big Sandy Deals With Game Loss

The signs were still up, but morale was down. Big Sandy football fans woke up this morning, and realized last night's loss to the Stratford Elks was not just a bad dream.

"Oh, it was so sad. The seniors were devastated. It's over for them. Some of them might not ever play football again," said Amanda Read, whose son plays for the Wildcats.

The Wildcats have been to the big game before. They won three state titles back in the 70s, but this would have been the first since 1975. "We were excited. We thought it was going to go our way. We were doing good, and then it was just a major disappointment," Read said.

When the Elks forged ahead of the Wildcats in the fourth quarter, no one gave up. "I was down on the sidelines, crying till the last minute, but I was cheering. It breaks my heart, but you know, two teams in the whole state got to go, and you know, we were one of them. So, I'm proud of that," said Big Sandy cheerleader Lana Barrow.

Reiffael Johnson's cousin's play for Big Sandy, and he says watching them this season has been fun for the whole town. "They gave us more than we expected. You know, we just wanted to support the team, but they just showed everybody a whole other side that we didn't even know that they had. You know what I'm saying? We don't look down on them for losing or anything. We respect them," Johnson said.

Still proudly wearing the blue and yellow, fans of all ages still support the Big Sandy Wildcats.

Lindsey Wilcox, reporting.

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