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Proud Of East Texas: Star Trek Christmas

In the Tyler home of Scott and Rebecca Berkley and their daughter Rachel, holiday greetings often come from galaxies far, far away. The Berkleys have been collecting Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments since their marriage nine years ago, and now their Christmas tree is bedecked with spaceships,shuttles, and the action figures that inhabit them.

"Initially when it was just Rebecca and I, the greatest pleasure was just doing something different, being unique. Now the greatest joy about it is watching my daughter unpack the boxes, show me her favorites. The day can't go by and an hour can't go by when she's here that she's not over here punching the buttons, picking out her favorites and enjoying it," said Scott.

The Berkleys add to their collection each year, either from Hallmark new collectibles, Amazon or eBay. They even have a rare 1991 first edition of the enterprise. "That one we have at the very top of the tree and it's very special to us. It was given to us by my parents and it's one of those very rare ones that actually goes for several hundred dollars when we see it at the Star Trek conventions," said Rebecca.

The Berkleys admit that their sci-fi tree isn't conventional. "When most people come in and look at the tree their first expression is just 'wow'," said Rebecca.

They probably also get a few wows when people see their Disney tree at the end of the hall. "We got married at Walt Disney World in 1996," said Rebecca. "Scott and I, I think, are just big kids at heart. We both like Disney.  We both like animation and I think it was just a natural fit," said Rebecca.

Just like their sci-fi tree is a natural fit for a family that likes to do things together. "It's not a question of it being a non-holiday tree because we celebrate the holidays. It's a question of that this is something that my wife and I, and now our family enjoy together and we're enjoying it as a family," said Scott.

Joan Hallmark reporting,

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