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Garbage, Deer Carcass Litter Rhonesboro Ranch

A disturbing find in an Upshur County community as not only is illegal dumping reportedly taking place, but now animal carcasses have been dumped. Rhonesboro residents made the discovery yesterday at FM1002 and Mole Rd. It's a small oil top road lined with private ranches.

For two years, rancher Russell Logan and his wife Roe Ann have had to clean up trash illegally dumped on their isolated road near their Rhonesboro ranch. "Well, it's been ongoing. There's always beer cans, and boxes and papers all along our property line," says Roe Ann.

Bags of household trash, beer cans and groups of old tires litter the area, frustrating the locals. "Yesterday, we found a deer carcass where somebody had just cut off the parts they wanted and just thrown it in the ditch," Roe Ann says.

The dumpers apparently only took the back strap and the loin, leaving behind the rest, even the blood-stained buckets and cloths they used to dress the animal. An avid deer hunter himself, Russell Logan is disgusted by the sight. "Well if you can't use the whole deer why kill it? If you don't just take what you want and throw the rest of it away," he says.

In the past they've even found other animal parts and hog skins dumped in the area. "Rather than disposed of it properly they'd come out before daylight and throw it on somebody else's property" Russell says.

The Logans have had enough and they know what punishment they'd like to see for illegal dumpers.

"Thirty days in jail, and let them pick up the trash out here for a couple of months," the Logans say. Anyone with information on illegal dumping in Upshur County is asked to call the Upshur County Sheriff's Office.

Bob Hallmark reporting,

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