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East Texas Woman Released From Oklahoma Prison

        It was just yesterday, 27 year old Misty Van Zandt was released from an Oklahoma prison on contempt of court charges. She was there, authorities say, for refusing to answer questions about the whereabouts of her daughter "Sabrae". Van Zandt was arrested in Upshur County in 2004 and authorities think that is where the little girl, who is now six, may be hidden.

   The news of Van Zandt being released from an Oklahoma prison has angered and surprised both relatives and law enforcement.

    "Well disappointed doesn't say half of it we were stunned and angry because we weren't even allowed at the hearing,we were not given any notice" said Monte Johnson, attorney for Sabraes father.

    "That comes as a surprise to us, and of course we continue to follow up leads and information usually supplied by other agencies" said Gregg county sheriff Maxey Cerliano.

     Gregg County Sheriffs believe 6 year old "Sabrae" who has been missing for almost 4 years, is still being hidden somewhere in Gladewater. But when Sabrae's mother was arrested in Texas... Sabrae was not found. But sheriffs and police do know the people involved in concealing the girl's location. "Van Zandt" was arrested in Gladewater October 2004 on a "fugitive warrant" of "child abuse" from Oklahoma.

     Oklahoma authorities say Misty ran away and took Sabrae in 2002. Her attorney says Misty accuses her ex- husband of abusing Sabrae and says that's why she ran away. She denied an interview, but did release this statement. "I'd like to thank my friends who've supported my daughter and I during this most difficult time while I was incarcerated, we still have much work to do before all issues are resolved and we can be reunited."  Both family and law enforcement believe friends are helping Misty hide Sabrae in Gladewater.

   "Well its beyond frustrating, theres virtually no effort to find the child, now the mother , whose run away once before, now she has opportunity to go wherever she wants and we may never see her again there are lots of people in the community down there that know where this child is and somehow they think they're above the law" said Johnson.

   "We have not lost sight of our responsibility to attempt to locate this child and we have spent a lot of man hours locally" Cerliano said.

   Misty Van Zandt says she has no immediate plans to see her daughter because she does not want to reveal her daughter's location. Police are still actively pursuing the case and ask if anyone who has seen "Sabrae" to local law enforcement. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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