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Family Of Crystal Sims Speak Out

East Texas authorities believe 24 year old Terry Glenn Brown Junior confessed to his mother, he murdered his girlfriend, Crystal Sims. According to his arrest affidavit, Terry told his mother that he killed 27 year old Crystal Sims on Tuesday. Sims was found shot several times in the head on Wednesday on the Brown family's property, near the Bullard City limits.

The affidavit says: when Brown's mother asked him where Crystal was, he told her, "I killed her". He also said "She won't be going anywhere else...she is dead.".

The victim in this case, Crystal Sims was the mother of three children. Family members tell us she was a very good person, who may have fallen under the spell of a deadly drug. Some of those closest to Crystal believe that mistake could have contributed to her death.

"She had a lot of compassion. She tried to do what she could for people," says, John Tate, Crystal's Ex-Husband. Tate says they spoke often because they shared custody of their eleven year old daughter, Amber.

John says he believes that Crystal and Terry's relationship began back in June and that's when he noticed changes. "He had drug problems, she did from the past... she had cleaned up on it and I just think he led her down the wrong path again," says Tate.

In August, their daughter moved in with him. He says it was because Crystal was scared. "Scared and didn't want her kids to be around where she was at and thought it was best if her kids were not with her. I think a lot of it had to do with Terry," says Tate.

Crystal's eleven year old daughter Amber, wanted to tell us about her memories of her mother. "We watch movies and go to the park and let her swing me," says Amber as she holds onto the pillow that her mother decorated for her. The last time Amber spoke to her mother was Saturday, on her eleventh birthday. "She called and said happy birthday and that she would try to come," says Amber.

Funeral arrangements for Crystal Sims have not been set.

Terry Glenn Brown Junior remains in the Smith County jail on capital murder. His bail has been set at 1- Million dollars.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.


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