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12/15/05-Cherokee County & Henderson

Some Cherokee Restaurants Have Poor Scores, Many Henderson Restaurants Fare Well

In Cherokee County,

The Hot Biscuit at 1407 E. Rusk in Jacksonville was inspected Dec. 6. Fruit was noted above 41º and was discarded. Dirty ashtray was seen in a wash area. No hand sanitizer was being used before handling foods. Foods in the walk-in freezer were uncovered.  The inspector also noticed flies in kitchen, and mold on an ice machine.  Total demerits: 29.

A recheck was ordered, but is not yet on file.

Casa San Miguel at 415 N. Jackson in Jacksonville was inspected Nov. 21.  Chili and steak in a cooler were warmer than the required 41º. Cooked steak was at 78º -- that should be 140º or above, and the product was thrown out.  No soap or towels were being used to wash hands.  The inspector also noted cleaner improperly stored.  Total demerits: 27.  No recheck was ordered.

Country Kettle on Highway 69 in Alto was inspected Nov. 30.  Pie was at 64º -- should be 41º or below.  Meat was seen thawing in standing water. Improper handling of food without sanitizer was also marked. Insecticide and boric acid were being stored in a handwashing area, and cleaner was stored above toothpicks.  Mold was also seen on drink nozzles.  An ice machine was also seen to be rusted. Total demerits: 26. A recheck has been ordered, but is not yet on file.

Rio Grande on Highway 21 in Alto was inspected Nov. 1.  Chicken and beef tested at 50-51º, needing to be 41º or below. Rice and beans were at 84-86º.  Those should be 140º or above.  No hot water, soap, or towels were at a handsink. Mold was seen on an ice machine.  Total demerits: 22.  No recheck ordered.

Pizza Hut at 1608 S. Jackson in Jacksonville was inspected Dec. 12. The inspector noted that employees had been smoking in the building. Foods in a walk-in cooler were not covered, and there were no towels at a rear handsink. Spray cleaners had been stored above food items, and mold was on an ice machine.  The inspector noted other surfaces required cleaning. Total demerits: 21.  No recheck was ordered.

One Cherokee County restaurant had no demerits:

Ronito Pizza Shop, Highway 69, Alto.

In the City of Henderson, other restaurants had no demerits:

Blessings at 110 E. Main,

Dairy Queen at 1215 Highway 79 North.

Bob's Bar-B-Q at 1205 Pope St.

Donut Palace at 700 Highway 79 North

Herschel's Family Restaurant at 1607 Highway 79 South.

Domino's Pizza at 2117 Highway 79 South

El Taco Loco at 1814 Highway 79 South

Jarlinn's Bar-B-Q at 1504 W. Main

Golden Corral at 214 Highway 79 South

Fillin Station at 303 S. Main

Taste of East Texas at 105 E. Main

Subway at 203 Highway 79 North

Smokehouse Restaurant at 207 Highway 79 North

and The Jalapeno Tree at 300 Highway 79 North.

All inspections conducted by the Cherokee County Health Department, or the health inspector in the City of Henderson.  The reports are provided under provision of Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code, otherwise known as the Public Information Act.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.


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