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Car & Baby Stolen: Suspect Arrested

A Longview man is arrested and charged for car theft and kidnapping, in a case where a nine-month old baby was still in the back seat of the car.

Shortly after midnight this morning the vehicle which had been stolen from the Jones street area that had a 9-month old baby in it.

Eighteen-year-old Gary Triston Guice of Longview was arrested and charged with theft and child endangerment.

Police say Guise had dropped the baby off at a nearby church before speeding away. The parents of 9-month-old Matthew Stewart"were overjoyed to get the word from police that their son had been found.

"The police officer came to my house they said they might have found my baby in the church and I about collapsed, i just about passed out when they said that," said J.P. and Lavella Stewart.

Guice is being held on over $10,000 bond.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.


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