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12/14/05-Smith County

Smith County Drug Bust

Drug traffickers in East Texas got a rude awakening this morning. Smith County S.W.A.T. teams executed seventy-three warrants just as the sun was coming up.

The arrests were made as a result of a three month investigation. Smith County undercover officers bought fifty-one thousand dollars worth of drugs to build the case against the suspects. Most of them now face felony drug charges.

Smith County District Attorney Matt Bingham said, "These are people that won't be selling drugs. Not today, tomorrow, and hopefully not for a long time. You get them out of the community, and that's the way you go after the drug community. You go after them one at a time."

During the course of the investigation, thirty-one other people were taken into custody.

Ninety-three county personnel were involved in the investigation which took 650 man-hours.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.


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