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Satellite Radio

Satellite Radio is doing for radio listeners what Digital Satellite Dishes did for television viewers, giving them virtually unlimited choice of programming with perfect quality, anywhere.

With many new cars coming with Satellite tuners built-in and such high-profile radio personalities as Howard Stern leading the charge, the past several years have seen Satellite Radio grow from a 'tech-geek only' toy to a mainstream media source, rivaling its older siblings, AM & FM radio. Static free, commercial free music, huge variety, uncensored content, 24 hour news and sports are just a few of the features drawing consumers to Satellite Radio. Beginning in 2006, it is expected that video content will be available for in-car TVs and mobile satellite receivers.

XM and Sirius are the two main providers of content, although other companies are sure to follow in coming years. You can learn more about each at: and

What you need to know

The first choice you need to make when getting satellite radio is which service do you wish to use. XM and Sirius recievers are not cross compatable, meaning XM receivers play only XM and Sirius receivers play only Sirius. Once you make that decision, there are a wide range of products available from many manufacturers including car stereos, handheld receivers, home theater systems, and more.


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