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"Does It Work?"-12/13/05

Black & Decker Home Cafe': "Does It Work?"

This week, we're putting a coffee maker to the "Does It Work?" test. But it's not just any coffee maker. Black & Decker has joined the crowded field of companies now making a single serve coffee brewer. It's called the Home Cafe'.

Inside the box, you get the coffee maker, a stainless steel mug and some coffee pods to get you started. The removable water container holds enough to brew two or three cups, so you won't necessarily need to fill it each time you want coffee. It's nice that the water container is removable. It keeps you from having to bring water to the maker in another container. The supplied cup fits right under the spout. You can brew with the lid on it, just leave the sip opening open. You can also use any cup that's short enough to fit under the spout, including a regular ceramic coffee cup.

The unit has buttons on the front that let you chose a 7 oz., 9 oz. or 14 oz. cup of coffee. The bigger the cup, the more coffee pods you're instructed to put in the maker. Push the appropriate button and the maker starts brewing immediately. Our maker brewed a 14 ounce cup perfectly in less than 2 minutes. We brewed a 7 ounce cup in exactly one minute.

How did it taste? The first couple of cups had a bit of a "plastic" taste, said one tester. But that taste disappeared after we brewed a few cups. Nothing could be easier. Because the coffee comes in little pods, there's no measuring and you can even put your cream and sugar in the cup before you brew. One push of a button and you've got coffee to go.

"Does It Work?" We give the Black & Decker Home Cafe' a "yes." We paid $19.99 for the Home Cafe'. Please note, Black & Decker is coming out with an updated version that costs $50.00. Better hurry if you want this one. It's available at Wal-Mart.

They supply a special attachment to brew specialty coffees. Those pods are around $7 for a pack of eight. The regular coffee pods are around $5 for 18. They're made by Folgers and Millstone and are available at most grocery stores.

Joe Terrell, reporting.


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