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KLTV 7 Helps Lindale Family Get Electric Bill Dispute Reviewed

It could be a cold holiday season for Richard and Denise Sanders inside their own home. Turning on the heat hasn't been an option after receiving a $472.95 electric bill last week.
"I called them to straighten it out. And that's when they told me I'd have to pay it and they'd make it up next month if I'm wrong," says Richard. But The Sanders says TXU is wrong. According to the bill, TXU logged a meter reading of 68,464 kilowatt hours.
When the Sanders read their meter for themselves, they say it only showed a reading of 66,963 kilowatt hours. They snapped a picture of the meter to prove it. When the Sanders called to report they were being charged for electricity they didn't use, the energy giant wasn't budging. "[The operator] was like 'Oh well, you need to pay it.' When I told her I know how to read a meter she just laughed," says Richard.
It's no laughing matter to this family. They rely on Richard's income to support the family of three. With the bill due December 21st, there's likely to be less gift-giving on the 25th. "With it being Christmas we're on a tight budget," says Richard's wife Denise. "We couldn't even make our house payment. It's [due] around the same time."
The Sanders asked KLTV 7 to step in and the outcome was a total 180. "They're saying they'll come read the meter as soon as possible now. Reread it," says Denise. They were also told they did not have to pay the bill on the due date. If the dispute falls in their favor, it's one less hassle they can put behind them as they ring in the holidays.
TXU is regulated by the Texas Public Utility Commission. And according to PUC rules, you do not have to pay a bill or be subject to disconnection while a bill is being disputed.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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