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12/13/05-Smith County

Sinkhole: Final Phase Of Repairs

TXDOT says FM 724 should be reopened by the end of the year. Since mid-June, TXDOT crews have been repairing the forty-foot sinkhole. They peeled back nearly one thousand feet of roadway to repair cracks. They also raised the roadbed and dug better drainage ditches to prevent flooding. Today, they're entering the final phase of repairs.

"We're going to begin the process of putting down the sealant here shortly.  That'll waterproof the surface out here, and that'll be what leads up to us being able to put a seal coat on it. That'll be a driveable surface, and we should be able to open it after that."

TXDOT says in order to open the road by the end of the year, the weather will have to cooperate.  If it gets too cold, they won't be able to pour the asphalt.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting 

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