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Two Attorneys Clash

Paul Fanning says he recieved a bruise when he tried to serve a subpoena to Eric Platten's mother-in-law Saturday night. He says he saw two women walk past the front door before Erick Platten opened it.

"I said,'Eric, it's Paul Fanning. I'm here to serve a subpoena on your mother-in-law.' He said,'She's not here.' And I said, 'Okay, I'll serve it on you," Fanning told us.

Sunday night, we spoke to Erick Platten's wife, Sonja. She says the exchange was not that cordial.

"He thought I was my mother, and he said, 'You're lying, and started screaming," Platten said.

Fanning says he left the subpoena, and then tried to leave. But he Platten stopped him.

"I thought he wanted to talk about the case, but instead of talking about the case, he jumped up on the nerf bar here," Fanning said.

"It was a shock that he was over here. That's why my husband talked to him, because he recognized who he was, and he didn't understand what he was doing at the house, because that's not a normal thing to do," Platten said.

He said, 'How far do you want to push this?' And then he used the filthy words, that I won't repeat on the air. Then he grabbed me, and started wailing away on me. Hitting me," Fanning said.

Sonja Platten did not see this part of the incident.

"By the time I came back, the car was fish-tailing up the street, screaching," Platten says.

Fanning says he was just trying to protect himself. He says he was speeding up and stopping to try and get Erick Platten off the truck.

"I sped up again and stopped real fast. The second time, it worked. Then, I looked down at him, to make sure he was okay. Our eyes met, and he seemed okay," Fanning said.

When asked if Fanning slowed down after he allegedly ran over Platten, Sonia said,"No, no. He took off. Fast."

Paul Fanning filed a lawsuit against Erick Platten this morning claiming his left arm and hand were injured, and that he suffered public embarassment.

The Plattens say they will also press charges.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.


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