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Cowboys Pull Out Thrilling Win Over Chiefs

It was evident from the start.  For the Cowboys to beat the 8-4 Chiefs, they were going to have to be aggressive.

"I didn't think we had a choice, " said Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells.  "I knew that they were going to be tough to stop.  So I knew we had to get points."

Parcells was correct on both accounts.  The Chiefs were tough to stop.  Larry Johnson had a career day, rushing for 143 yards and a career high three touchdowns.  But the Cowboys used their aggressiveness to stay in the game.  The 71-yard flea flicker to Terry Glenn was a perfect example.

"It's kind of a cheap touchdown a little bit, " joked Glenn.  "You kind of fake everyboy, but I'll take it."

Glenn's presence was felt throughout the game.  He finished with 138 yards receiving and two touchdowns, the second coming on a reverse, the first rushing touchdown of his career.

"Hey, he was ready to go," said Parcells.  "He can make them."

"The more we get Terry involved, the more explosive we're going to be," said Bledsoe.  "It seems like when we get him a couple of plays, we score pretty quickly."

Scott Fujita's forced fumble on a Trent Green sack also didn't hurt, allowing big Marcus Spears to pick up the loose ball and rumble 59 yards the other way, even though he was eventually caught from behind by a couple of offensive lineman.

"I'm expected to be out of gas," joked Spears.  "When you're running down that sideline and you're as slow as I am, you're just expecting somebody to come clean your clock from inside, so you know, I tried to throw a stiff arm, but it didn't work."

The biggest drive of the game, and possibly the season for the Cowboys came with less than four minutes to play, and the Cowboys trailing by four.  They were able to convert two big third downs, and got new life when the Chiefs were flagged for pass interference on an incomplete fourth down play.  That set up the gutsy one yard touchdown pass to Dan Campbell.  It was Campbell's first touchdown of the year, and only third catch of the entire season.

"To put together that drive and to come away with a victory feels great," said Bledsoe.

"It was just a team win," added Spears.  "When they went to kick that [game tying] field goal I said we played too hard for this to happen to us.  It worked out for us."

"I like my team," said Parcells.  "I like the players on it.  They work hard.  They cam in here, a couple of tough losses, came back ready to work this week.  Probably the best week of practice we had and they were ready to roll."

The Giants and Vikings both won today as well, which means the Cowboys remain tied with Minnesota for the final wild card spot.  But you have to feel today's emotional win will gve them a much needed boost as they head on the road against two potential wildcard contenders, Washington and Carolina.

Kevin Berns reporting.

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